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Our Mission

To provide guidance and assistance for each client in order to help their business succeed.

How We Can Help

  • 401K

  • 412E

  • 831B

  • Advanced Estate Planning

  • Advanced Tax Credits

    ERTC and R&D Credits

  • Advanced Tax Planning

  • Arkona

  • Business Valuation

  • Cost Segregation

  • Group Disability

  • Process & Automation Implementation

Our Commitment

  • Promptly responding

  • Proactive planning

  • Listening to your specific needs

  • Focusing on personalization

  • Having the best customer service

The Team at

Finances Made Simple

Jon LaCasse

Jon LaCasse

Email Jon
T: 651-294-9322 x2
M: 651-248-3693
Stacey Doege

Stacey Doege

National Sales Director
Email Stacey
T: 651-294-9322
M: 605-380-5165
thomas brainsky

Thomas Brainsky

Sales Director
Email Thomas
M: 443-676-5904
Peyton LaCasse

Peyton LaCasse

Sales Consultant
Email Peyton
T: 651-294-9322 x2
M: 651-895-7173

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